Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tim Pool describes an international issue with his Subverse channel

Tim Pool is running into an international trademark issue with his Subverse channel, because of a company in the UK associated with porn, it sounds like.

The best way to understand this is just to watch his video and let him explain what is going on.

I could discuss my own history with my own “brands” if he likes.  People did ask questions of me back in the late 1990s, and there were some bizarre battles then (as over the “Epix” brand and a theater in Oregon).
The use of common words and “made up words” for video channels and domains is controversial and more troubling in international trademarks (or North American including Canada) than has been considered here. 

I personally would not be confused by a brand name with a similar name for something else.  Usually I have no problem with this.  

I'll follow this closely.

Update:  April 15

There are a lot of pundits weighing in on this now.  Generally the scuttlebutt is that the two sides should mediate. Rekieta Law interviews Tim on a livestream. 

Friday, April 05, 2019

More possible futures of my "do ask do tell" wordmark

I just wanted to continue the discussion of my use of the “do ask do tell” wordmark string (from the blog post on March 5).

I do believe that the mark would be effective for a motion picture production company (or distribution company), especially for documentary or issue-oriented film. (Yes, Participant Media already is a good example.  So is Annapurna.)
I could be effective for an indie media company that emphasizes balancing both video and blog or text content, with some books and films, maybe especially short issue-oriented films,  It should help visitors “connect the dots” among different issues and should be fairly centrist politically, and probably stay away from identarianism.  Of course, you could add publishing topical books by other indie authors as a small press into the mix, but it won't be "identarian".