Wednesday, November 28, 2018

EFF publishes its trademark, patent and copyright "Takedown Hall of Shame"

I’ll share Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Takedown Hall of Shame”, well illustrated, here

A couple of the worst events:  In 2013, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) claimed trademark (and copyright) infringement against “” and complained to Godaddy (which may have been the domain name registrar).  Godaddy, misunderstanding trademark law and not bothering to look at it carefully, took it down.

Romance author Falenna Hopkins tried to trademark the word “cocky”.  No, you can’t trademark common words, although you might be able to trademark a string of them as a book series.  I’ve never really tried with my “Do Ask Do Tell”.
Even the suggestion that I could patent the “plot template charts” on one of my Wordpress blogs would make the Hall of Shame if I pursued it.  OK, all you manga comic writers, use it to build your storyboards.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark infringement when BSA wants to remove "Boys" from its name

Tim Pool has a funny video on Timcast reporting that the Girl Scouts of America have sued the Boy Scouts for trademark infringement in Manhattan federal court.   The suit opposes the BSA from taking "Boys" out of its wordmark, which is ironic. 

This case runs in delicious circles.  Pool gets around to reducing this to miscast idea of feminism, and the radical Left wants its way all the time.

“The power of the single gender environment”???

Remember the case in 2000 where SCOTUS allowed the NSA to exclude gays if they didn’t use public funds (as a private group). Libertarians supported that decision.

My own mother had belonged to “Camp Fire Girls”.

Pool says “we can’t base equity off of identity.”

Friday, November 02, 2018

A patent troll's portfolio on bankruptcy: $1; more on monetizing common phrases

Daniel Nazer’s “Stupid Patent of the Month” series for Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses a troll whose portfolio of 34+ patents was worth $1 when the troll went down, story. The company was called “Shipping and Transit” or Arrivalstar.

I’ve gotten a little snow flurry of robocalls from companies claiming they can republish my books in my “Do Ask Do Tell” series.  I can’t find the companies online.  I wonder if somebody wants to monetize the phrase and I’m in the way of “making money”.
Actually, as we’re find out, the money behind political and even issue speech, even if earned somewhere else, is becoming an issue, and as in the previous post that could conceivably invade the trademark world.