Monday, October 01, 2018

Virtual reality patents

Daniel Nazer’s latest entry into the “Stupid Patent of the Month” thread at Electronic Frontier Foundation is, well, virtual reality.  Or maybe a couple of minor tweaks to it.  Here is his link

Mid 1999 sounds like the good old days to me, when I was living and working in Minneapolis.  Actually, a difficult time when my mother had heart surgery.  I don’t recall virtual reality being around much then, as is said here.

My own immersion into it came probably at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC, where many ancient history exhibits include tours with virtual reality goggles. Of perhaps with some New York Times underwater short films to be watched on the phone with goggles (produced with Annapurna Pictures). 
YouTube shows many other virtual reality patents, like a recent one from Walmart for virtual reality shopping.  Will EFF label these as stupid?
Trump just said "patent: very important" in a speech about his trade deal with Canada and Mexico Monday morning Oct. 1, 2018.  I heard him say this with my own ears (and brain). 

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