Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trump's MAGA phrase is trademarked (did he really?)

Apparently Donald Trump trademarked “Make America Great Again” back in 2015, before his presidential run, just as he had tried with “you’re fired”.  (Maybe “He’s fired” like in the NFL protests.)

Heather Long had reported this in October 2015 on CNN, here.   

TESS yields the following result.   "Grate"?  Were we punked?   Fake news? 

I think allowing trademarks on common phrases is dangerous policy for business, especially new startups. 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Ajit Pai's thinking on net neutrality could some day force more business owners to turn to franchises for branding

The retreat from network neutrality regulation could have a bearing on trademark and branding issues.

If telecom companies really do make it harder for small companies to be accessed with the same ease and speed as big companies (which the telecom companies “promise” not to do now) over time, you could see more pressure on small businesses to join franchises, which would have the clout to bargain for better service.   This sounds a lot like health care, doesn’t it!

Ownership of franchise units tends to be passed down in families, and there are expos on it.  But it doesn’t appeal to people who didn’t grow up with it.

Many small businesses are proud of their own brands in their local communities.  This would be true of businesses ranging from groceries to bars to independent bookstores.  Many need sites or blogs (and to follow the strategic ideas of “Blogtyrant”) to advertise their businesses to their own customers. 

Whether Ajit Pai’s thinking really is good for all business and especially for Trump’s “MAGA” ideas of doing more manufacturing in the US really remains a good question.  The Republicans ought to look at economic realities and not just ideology and party tribalism.