Saturday, October 28, 2017

Could patent trolls affect the development of artificial intelligence?

Jeremy Gillula and Daniel Nazer of Electronic Frontier Foundation have a major speculative “stupidest patent of the month” story on how patent trolling could affect artificial intelligence development, even by someone like Elon Musk.

The article notes patent applications by both Google and Microsoft that could be broad enough to stymy artificial intelligence.

It’s hard to get how a concept for automating something can become a patent without the very specific workable machinery to make it happen.

I could claim that “passive marketing” of my books and blogs through search engines without spending ad money is itself patentable, worth hiring a troll attorney, using my “Do Ask Do Tell” books.  (Combine that with Reid Ewing’s little film in 2012, “It’s Free”.) Sorry, I am a supporter of EFF. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Even email confirmation of orders attracts patent trolls

This “stupid patent of the month” that went after “Fairytale Brownies” harassed a company founded in 1992, suddenly and recently.  The EFF story is by Vera Rainier.  

The patent claimed to have invented a shipment notification email that includes PII. 

Trolls claim to have invented conceptual functionality, or what a workplace friend used to call “functionable”.

I’m reminded of the “brownies and elves” dichotomy in my own kindergarten in 1949.
I also wonder if Blogtyrant’s ideas on email lists could somehow stumble on a troll.  Maybe not in Australia.