Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Now "zen" becomes the object of trademark trollling

Electronic Frontier Foundation tells the story of “Zendesk”, which sells help desk software, which has also been going after other businesses incorporating the name “zen” and not conceivably competitors or in the same business line, story here.   EFF calls this “the art of trademark trolling.”

Curiously the company says it is under “no illusion” that it owns an exclusive monopoly on the word in business.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Don't pay third parties unintentionally for "Facebook support"

Several media outlets report people paying outside companies to provide what purports to be customer service for Facebook.  Companies like Facebook and Google generally don’t provide telephone support because of the enormous volumes of members with accounts, as Facebook explains here.  

Arguably, such a practice from an outside company could constitute actionable trademark infringement, if a company like Facebook chose to pursue it.

The lack of telephone support from Google has been mentioned as an argument for doing blogging on shared or even dedicated hosting platforms from companies like BlueHost for Wordpress, where consumers have a contract was well as merely courtesy agreement (and terms of service). On the other hand, the online help on these companies (and provided free also by outside  publishers) is usually sufficient.