Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Another "stupid patent of the month" with its own screenplay

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a funny story (not funny for the defendant) by Daniel Nazer on the “Stupid Patent of the Month”, filed by “mega-troll” named “Intellectual Ventures” in Washington State. What’s “funny” is that the “patent” even includes a little “screenplay”, quite importable into Final Draft, that won’t win any Oscars or get into Sundance or Tribeca.

The company has been forum shopping in the Eastern District of Texas (to the pleasure of Ted Cruz, maybe) – a setting for some of the scenes in “Midnight Special”.
It’s interesting that lobbyists have been running television ads opposing patent reform legislation, claiming reform will hurt real “inventors”.  No, I don’t think people like Taylor Wilson or Jack Andraka (the latter a read proponent of “open access”) would be affected by legitimate patent reform, including venue reform.