Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Musicians' trademark claim upheld by Federal circuit, could help Redskins

The Federal Circuit court of Appeals in Washington DC has ruled that the US Patent and Trademark Office cannot deny a trademark just because the wordmark is perceived as disparaging to some group. Ian Shapira has a Business Section story in the Washington Post today, “Musicians’ court case could help Redskins” (July 8),  The case concerns that Asian-American rock group called “the Slants”, which might be viewed as disparaging (remember the slang of the Vietnam War era). The Court held that the groups' First Amendment rights should prevail.
The case might help the Washington Redskins win their trademark rights back, although I have said that they ought to change their name, get rid of the distraction, and move on.  The Redskins are playing better now.  There was a time when they were a source or civic pride.

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