Saturday, November 08, 2014

Some companies still advertise that "you can patent an idea"

I’ve been seeing some ads recently “How to patent your idea”.  I jerk when I see a claim like that, because as we know, abstract patent claims (for mathematical algorithms) usually are abusive and have resulted in a lot of patent trolling, especially for software in recent years, even resulting in claims against customers as well as vendors.  However the site promoting this verbage, link here  does, when read, indicate that you have to have a working prototype, and have something new that really does work. 
The code of a major computer system (like Vantage in mainframe life insurance processing, or Facebook apps in social media) are pretty easy to copyright.  When acceptable, a patent is indeed even stronger protection than a copyright, because a patent has to do with actual novel functionality of something, not just the expression of something.  A typical resource on the question is here.   

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