Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My own domain names -- quick update

As I indicated on my main blog Tuesday, I am interested in working with other news sites or organizations to help them with specific issues.

I have previously (on March 20) discussed the name “Do Ask, Do Tell” used in my series of books (three of them). I haven’t yet taken any action on the trademark issue.  Normally, a trademark applies to commercial activity.
A book series title can be trademarked.  A website name might be if its commercial purpose is obvious enough (example, Amazon).  Use of a common phrase would probably be considered negatively in a trademark process.  Phrases similar to mine would include “Keeping them honest” (which Anderson Cooper uses), and “connecting the dots” (which the US intelligence community uses in public a lot).  

The phrase could be attractive to a news group.  I have every intention of using it myself indefinitely even though it doesn’t make a lot of money (the mere presence of ads on a site or blogs supporting a sit means that technically it is in commerce).  I still think it would make a great name for a film production and/or distribution company, for “out of the box” experimental and documentary film.  I would love to get involved in that.   

Update Nov. 16, 2014

I've found a copy of the old abandoned trademark application by Robert J. Powers in the 1990s, link here.  

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