Thursday, May 22, 2014

Silicon Valley companies forget that parody in a domain name is not trademark infringement

I have to remain courteous with this post, but Electronic Frontier Foundation is reminding big Internet companies that use of parody in setting up a domain name does not by itself constitute trademark infringement.  This story is like a "Dear Russia" video, link here

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Does Supreme Court understand that patent trolls can go after end users?

Electronic Frontier Foundation has weighed in on another case before the Supreme Court, Akamai v. Limelight, with oral arguments, where there is some confusion as to whether consumers can be held liable for “infringing” on patents that they don’t even know are used in products or services they have paid for from vendors.  The concept that this happens still boggles the mind.

The link for the story is here

I’ve never been questioned about patent use myself, but I wonder if there is always a first time.