Thursday, July 18, 2013

Patent troll defendant keeps quiet, fearing retaliation

A lawsuit by a patent troll against technology startup described in a  Washington Post Wonkblog article today “Here is what it feels like to be sued by a patent troll” sounds like one of the most abusive suits ever. The article, by Timothy B. Lee, does not name the defendant or the plaintiff, because the defendant fear retaliation. The link for the article is here

The article points out a major problem with these suits, that the details of the alleged infringement are vague until litigation starts.  This forces a defendant to spent thousands in defending a likely frivolous claim.  In this case, the complaint is so vague as to stop at mentioning a “wireless device” and “database” and software to synchronize e-commerce.  Customers using patented technology have been targeted, when they think they have already paid for everything. 

The attention paid to copyright trolls (like Righthaven) seems to have calmed down a bit, but the patent troll problem is getting “worser”.

It’s obvious that patent law is in need of reform to prevent abusive suits. 

The video above, by NerdAlert, again describes the Shield Act. 

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