Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Can Internet content be "branded"?

The latest wrinkle in “branding” is the practice of companies to sponsor entire articles in major news websites (including Huffington and the Washington Post) and not just Internet ads. The print article in Business Day Monday on the New York Times is “Sponsoring Articles, not just ads; ‘Branded content’ on the web mingles with regular coverage”, link here
I get contacted by companies to review their movie-DVD’s and books (mostly small films and self-published or small press books), and I do notify users (as required by the FTC) when I received a review copy.  I wouldn’t say my content is “branded’, but I can see that I can’t favor any one source too much over the others.
Where “branded content” may help a customer is if it is technical, for example, tips on how to do some things on the Mac that seem easier in Windows, or vice versa.  

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