Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mark Cuban speaks out against abuses of patent law and trolls

Mark Cuban has an interesting post on “Blog Maverick” about some of his early inventions (such as one in use by Netflix now), which he never patented.  He says he is passing on his working notes from the 1990s “for anyone who might face a patent troll on these topics”, including multicasting and a “personalization system” from 1998 (the good old days) that sounds like it anticipates some of what Facebook does today.  Here is the link.

There is also a “self-service hosting” idea that could actually make sense for my planned “Do Ask Do Tell” video project.

Cuban (on “Shark Tank”, which swallowed up “Zero Hour” on ABC)  says that he thinks patent law inhibits technology innovation.  Ditto.

He has also written in the past that he suspects big media companies, screaming about “piracy”, fear low-cost competition and like gatekeepers.  But of course, his HDNet and Magnolia Pictures (a lot of it run from Texas rather than Hollywood) are a significant and established presence in the independent movie market.  It could make sense even for me. 
I send on his link to EFF to see how it reacts.  

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