Monday, July 09, 2012

Should Anderson Cooper trademark his "keeping them honest" catch phrase

I did a little checking on USPTO of Anderson Cooper’s catch phrase, “Keeping Them Honest”, with which he introduces his nightly AC360 show on CNN.  I haven’t seen him use it on his daytime show on ABC.  I couldn’t find any registration of the potential wordmark at the trademark office.

The phrase has roughly the same meaning as my “do ask do tell” (which I haven’t tried to register either).

Should catch phrases of common English “figures of speech” be eligible for trademark registration?

I did find a commercial registration of “You’re fired” for kitchenware, not based on Donald Trump’s “Apprentice”.  Generally USPTO will allow the same phrase in clearly different business categories.

I’m a little surprised I didn’t find Anderson’s favorite slogan there.  The phrase is being used in a commercial setting, to help identify and "brand" a well-known television interview show.   Maybe it should be “Keep ‘em Honest”.  That would rather remind me of the Internet service processing firm “”.

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