Thursday, December 01, 2011

Do airports trademark their destinate codes?

On a day that the Los Angeles International Airport lost power suddenly during violent Santa Ana winds, I noticed that the airport doesn’t own its own acronym as a domain. LAX belongs to the Lacrosse Superstore;  the airport is Laxa.

I suppose most airports would claim trademarks on the standard identification codes (DCA for Reagan, DFW for Dallas-Fort Worth, IAD for Dulles, BWI for Baltimore).  But would that guarantee them domain names?

Today I accidentally typed googla instead of google and got a warning from Webroot.  It seems to me that it shouldn’t be such a big deal to get fake sites shut down under a SOPA worded narrowly and properly.

Wikipedia attribution link, Santa Ana winds.

P.S.: later reports say that the strongest winds were around Mammoth Lake CA. I've driven US 395, the Owens Valley road, many times.  It's scary. 

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