Monday, December 05, 2011

Kellogg's uses same brand for more than one cereal -- look at your Special K

Did I see this right?  Kellogg’s Special K has two different cereals, the “original” is much more bubbly, almost like the original Rice Krispies of the Howdy Doody show of the 50s.  

That’s what I noticed this morning.

If a company uses the same mark for two different products, doesn’t it “dilute” its own mark?  Yes, it has a right to, but ….

One of the worst cereal TV ads in the 50s was for something called “Alphabits”, a sugar-coated, pastel-colored cereal whose advertising was based on showing little kids misspelling words, exploiting the viewer’s “nicer weakness”.

Yes, some uses of trademark are “legal” but culturally offensive.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Do airports trademark their destinate codes?

On a day that the Los Angeles International Airport lost power suddenly during violent Santa Ana winds, I noticed that the airport doesn’t own its own acronym as a domain. LAX belongs to the Lacrosse Superstore;  the airport is Laxa.

I suppose most airports would claim trademarks on the standard identification codes (DCA for Reagan, DFW for Dallas-Fort Worth, IAD for Dulles, BWI for Baltimore).  But would that guarantee them domain names?

Today I accidentally typed googla instead of google and got a warning from Webroot.  It seems to me that it shouldn’t be such a big deal to get fake sites shut down under a SOPA worded narrowly and properly.

Wikipedia attribution link, Santa Ana winds.

P.S.: later reports say that the strongest winds were around Mammoth Lake CA. I've driven US 395, the Owens Valley road, many times.  It's scary.