Saturday, June 25, 2011

Righthaven trying to copy the "patent trolling" model now, which may be more "lenient" for the plaintiff

The latest twist in the Righthaven copyright troll saga is that Righthaven now wants to metaphorize itself to “patent trolls” as if that were a virtue. Apparently patent law does not require as exclusive a right of ownership as does copyright, the way statutes are written. Steve Green of “Las Vegas Inc” has a story about it here

Green quotes the Electronic Frontier Foundation as having written “Yet because patents can be anywhere and everywhere in these technologies, the average user has no way of knowing whether his or her tools are subject to legal threats. Patent owners who claim control over these means of community discourse can threaten anyone who uses them, even for personal noncommercial purposes.”  Does this mean that the content posted by a blogger or website owner could be forced to be taken down if the company hosting it had violated a patent?  I haven’t personally heard of this happening.

EFF has its link for its “patent busting project” here.

The Righthaven situation is covered on the “BillBoushka” blog under the “mass litigation” Blogger label.

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