Monday, February 07, 2011

New professional or theme-oriented TLD suffix will raise trademark issues

The looming opportunity for profession-dependent high level TLD’s from ICANN will raise trademark question

The general idea is that only “professionals” would use their own generic TLD, which is supposed to help with branding. For example, the music group “Queen” would have a domain called, which will help it get more revenue-generating traffic  because “queen” is too generic a word to be used alone with “dot com”.  (The official website is “queen online” here )

But how would something like “.authors” work? Would self-published writers be excluded? Would only those able to generate advances be allowed in the club?

Trade interest groups will pay ICANN about $185000 plus membership for the right to control the TLD, from which they can sell domain names.

Ian Shapira has the story (“Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes”) in the Monday Feb. 7 Washington Post here.   The new suffixes will become available in early 2012.