Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Can "Jisgsaw's" mask be trademarked?

Okay, you have a great idea for a movie “Saw 8”, or maybe “Hacksaw”, and you want to use Jigsaw’s mask in your movie.

Well, Lionsgate (and/or Twisted Pictures) surely owns a trademark on the “Saw” brand of films since it is a series, and also one on “Jigsaw” as a character, with the particular mask. (Curiously, I couldn’t find either one readily at USPTO.)

What may be more relevant is that there have been numerous defunct television series that aspiring writers would want to adapt for indie films. “Everwood” (Warner Brothers) would be a good example; another is “Jake 2.0” (UPN/CBS). It’s always seemed to me that television networks and media companies ought to set up clearinghouses to sell legal rights to characters or series they no longer want to produce. I do know that comic book publishers jealousy guard the rights to their characters.

Just a thought for the “creative.”

Now, if I wrote my own horror movie, I’d make up my own villain. I don’t need Jigsaw. (“Do you want to play a game?”)

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