Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Online Education Database lists Martin Schwimmer's "The Trademark Blog"

I wanted to make notice of Martin Schwimmer’s “The Trademark Blog,” link here.

I noticed several interesting items on it immediately. For example, there is a case in Alabama of a textbook company that is trying to prohibit used copies of its book from being sold. Imagine how that fits into the law! (I wonder how Amazon would react to that. Sales or residuals of used books is just part of the book business; as an author, I live with that.)

But what’s even more interesting is the text of the Petition to cancel the Facebook trademark registration (specific link called "Trademark Practice" and is here), a case that I discussed earlier on this blog, as well as in my book reviews and “information technology jobs” blogs (see my Profile for links). My own take is that trying to combat what sounds to me like “reverse engineering” bucks the trend of progress, and that I hope that the parties settle amicably – and move on to better things (like indie movie making).

Schwimmer’s blog was mentioned on a long list published yesterday by the Online Education Database (discussed today in my main blog).

I set up my own blog about trademark because of my concern about trademark and domain names, exacerbated by the Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 (originally proposed in 2005, and signed into law in Oct. 2006 by President Bush). The details of the legislation are discussed particularly in June 2007 on this blog.

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