Monday, March 24, 2008

Internet advertisers look for publishers interested in promoting and protecting brands

The Washington Post Express (a free condensed tabloid-looking paper for Metro riders) on Monday carried an AP story on p 12, by Anick Jesdanun, “Online Ad Showdown: Big media companies fight back by creating their own networks.” Major retailers and businesses are forming their own ad networks and placing ads on specific professional websites that fit their branding image. There seems to be an impression that the large number of personally owned blogs, in their legitimate attempt to “democratize” media content, are less likely to conform to branding standards, and that is true. Wenda Harris Milalrd, associated with Martha Stewart, apparently said [large corporate] “publishers are brand steards…. The folks .. who are assembling these massive networks, most come out of the technology sector. Some of them are good business models, but they are not about protecting brands.” The brand, as we noted, is the point of trademark protection. That was drummed into me at ReliaStar and ING before retirement.

Agreed. Blogs like these (mine) are more about reporting things as we see them, not promoting one brand.

Jesdanum has a related Newsvine story “Media Groups Share Content in Ad Deals,” March 23, 2008 (Easter Sunday) link here.

Or, closer, “Media Companies Battle Web Portals on Ads,” also March 23, link here.

Will some upscale companies pull away from ads on websites not from "the establishment"? I hope not. Some setups, like Linkshare, allow advertisers to scan all possible "publishers" within a particular subject matter group and pre-reject unsuitable publishers ahead of time. For example, airlines don't like to advertise on "less established" sites that deal with international political controversies, however well they do it.

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