Thursday, January 07, 2016

I start assigning regular domain names for my blogs

Tonight, I followed more recently advocated “best practices” and bought domains names from Google domains for three of my larger Blogger domains.  For “Bills movie reviews and news” and “Bills book reviews and news” the name is straightforward, with a .com.   When you key in the old name with blogspot, the DNS will automatically redirect to the new names. Specific url’s for posts or archives are as before, but with the new name as prefix.

For the “Bill Boushka” domain, I did the same, except that the TLD is “.me” because “.com” is already taken by another of my old domains, and apparently the others (like .org) are parked by the other registrar (Verio).

I considered taking “” but I have a distant relative whose Twitter handle is that, and another distant relative, a physician in Texas, whose first initial is W (for William).  So “Bill” still always refers to me.

The process took about 10 minutes for each domain (before the new name would resolved).  When Chrome gets a DNS error while waiting for the new name to propagate, it may cache that error for a while.
Redirection does not mean that the user has his own licensed copy with blogger.  The actual content is still on "free service space".  With Bluehost and Wordpress, there is a copy of Wordpress on the domain, and the actual hosted space is rented. 

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