Monday, November 16, 2015

East Texas economy depends on patent trolls

Software innovators and app developers especially will enjoy this Washington Times op-ed (commentary) by Chuck Muth, “Draining the swamp of patent trolls: Creating business for lawyers is not what the Founders intended”, link here.

The video below from Reason TV minces no words about the problem for defendants of frivolous patent lawsuits.

The article describe how the town of Marshall Texas supports its local economy on patent litigation. Patent law allows litigation to be filed in any community where a product or service is sold. Local rules make the area an expensive place for defendants to litigate (in an area of the country otherwise bragging about low cost of living).  The applicable buzzwords are “venue reform” and “forum shopping”.  This problem definitely should suit the plate of a GOP-controlled Congress.
I lived in Dallas from 1979-1988, did have a lingering real estate issue in the 90s, and Texas is an unusually easy place to start litigation, because of the vestiges of the days of “good old boy” mentality – pretty much as in the original TV series “Dallas”.  My attorney there used to say “It’s dumb”.

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