Monday, May 11, 2015

Social unrest can lead to some creative names for products for possible trademarks

This may sound like a frivolous idea for a trademark, but I noticed a neat name for an ice cream product at a vendor stand in Baltimore, on North Ave, near the MICA Art Center where the Maryland Film Festival this weekend was held.
Donald Trump (“The Apprentice”) would probably regard selling ice cream as noble as selling lemonade (the very first assignment in that series).  There was one flavor called “Chocolate Lives Matter”, most applicable given the recent unrest in that city.
I wondered if it was trademarked, or will be.  It does sound like a creative word mark.  On the other hand, I would not think that the aphorism “Black Lives Matter” should be trademarked, because it is a social and political slogan fundamental to human rights. 
I haven’t checked USPTO yet.


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