Monday, February 09, 2015

Time Magazine notes that many simple phrases have gotten trademarked

The February 16, 2015 issue of Time Magazine, on p. 59, has a “Roundup” of “Proprietary Phrases” used as trademarks, or at least proposed.

Rahcie; Zoe filed an application for “I Die” in 2008.  Paris Hilton trademarked “That’s Hot” (from “Simple Life”) in 2004 and sued Hallmark in 2007 for using it on a card.  Donald Trumped trademarked “You’re Fired”.  The star of “Jersey Shore” got the right to use “Snook!” on shoes and handbags.  Ryan Lochte (the Olympic Swimmer) is still pending with “Jeah!”  But remember that phrase had been used in “Amos ‘n Andy” by the Kingfish. And we have Taylor Swift with "This Sick Beat". 

I think this is an abuse of the trademark concept.  Maybe if the phrase isn't monopolized it is OK.  

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