Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wordpress software company has a transparent way to handle trademark complaints about blog names

I discovered the Trademark Policy for “Automattic”, the company that hosts Wordpress.  The link is here.  Notice that the directions specifically say that a blog that uses a company or business name to parody a product of the business (like a movie or music) is not generally considered to be committing trademark infringement. 
Chilling Effects has a FAQ on trademark which is undergoing review, here. Note that some practices are real infringement, such as intentionally driving traffic away from a trademark holder with link or "metatag farming".  
Only blogs actually that say “powered by Wordpress” can be reviewed by “Automattic” for trademark claims.  Some hosting services (like Bluehost) do actually use Wordpress to power the content. 
A lot of “frivolous” complaints are based on the idea that some people really do need a wide profit margin on their sites (to support families or other employees) and others don’t. 

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