Monday, April 28, 2014

Nate Berkus (as well as Shaun White) uses his name for a brand for goods

In a visit to Target today, I found what I wanted OK (pajamas, finding them in the larger but older Falls Church store but not earlier in Merrifield), but when looking for some new bedding I found another namesake brand.

This is Nate Berkus, now a trademarked brand of many home products that have some sort of design aspect.  I’ve seen this recently with Shaun White and sports clothes, but Nate adds a new aspect to branding:  if one is a well-known LGBT person, that aspect may add to the effectiveness of the brand, particularly in large cities (in western countries or more progressive states).  Can the social or political message associated with a name be viewed as a significant aspect of the legal strength of a brand recognition? One might also ask the same question of “right of publicity”.  Either one of these two personalities could use their names easily as brands if they get into independent film (maybe Shaun is going to do that; Nate already hosts his own syndicated TV shows).   It would seem that Reid Ewing’s “” or “Reid Rainbow” would make a good commercial mark (for a film franchise)  if the particular videos weren’t “free” (a bit of an irony given what the films say).

Also, just a little life lesson. The picture below shows how to misplace something in plain sight, and waste twenty minutes finding it.  

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