Thursday, December 05, 2013

House passes Goodlatte's Innovation Act, 325-19

The House passed the Innovation Act today, by 325-19.  The Act would impose a “loser pays” system that would stop abusive patent lawsuits from “patent trolls” who make frivolous claims, now against retailers who sell items on their own websites.  These could be serious for authors or filmmakers who sell their own work directly on the sites, as some prefer to do in the early stages of a release.
Yet, some people say that the Act will make it harder for legitimate inventor to defend real patents.
Fox News has a stoy by Gabrielle Kroll here. Kroll says that “startups” and “small business” are divided among themselves on the Act.
Intellectual Property Asset Management (IAM) had produced a con argument on the Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) bill some time back, here.
The formal bill was HR 3309, Congress link here

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