Monday, October 21, 2013

Chinese company asks me about my domain name; I may use it for my "DADT III" book

I have a couple of items to mention with respect to my own domain name “”. 
One idea is that I may use it as a publishing imprint for my “Do Ask Do Tell III” book which I expect to submit to a publishing support service in early November.  This will be a “print on demand” and eBook effort.  I had used the imprint “High Productivity Publishing” for my first print run of my own first DADT book in 1997, replaced by “print on demand” in 2000.  I had also used that for “our Fundamental Rights” in 1998.  I had used the abbreviation of “hppub” for a domain name until 2005, when I moved everything over to “doaskdotell”.  I started using Blogger in early 2006, but have never equated the blogs to domain names.   I will consider doing that soon in connection with the “DADT III” book.
The other development was that I was contacted by email recently about the possibility that a party would use the “doaskdotell” root in China with a tld of “cn”.  As far as I know, it is acceptable for different parties to use the same root name with a different tld, especially in different countries.   I am under the impression that “” has been blocked in China (although almost nowhere else) but I’ll have to look at Urchin again and see what is going on now.   (I used to get a lot of page requests from middle eastern countries, curiously).  I thought that the blogs were also blocked in China, but again I’ll have to review Analytics to see what is going on.  The domain name would be shown in Chinese (mandarin) script, and it is likely that a literal translation to words in English would not have the same cultural or political meaning as in the United States.  It would be interesting to know what the domain subject matter will be.  Will it just “sell something”? 
From time to time, I’ve seen that other parties have sometimes created a “” as a parked domain with links for quick revenue.  I’ve never paid much attention to the practice. 

Update: Oct. 29

I answered the email today.  I checked Urchin, and I do now have a small amount a traffic each week from China.

Notice that I plan to issue a third "Do Ask, Do Tell" book by the end of 2013.

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