Monday, June 24, 2013

"Abstract patents" could invite dangerous trolls, endanger Internet ad business

Some Appeals circuits – particularly the Federal circuit in Washington DC, have upheld the concept of “abstract patents” up to a point.  These are patents of “concepts”, like clearing checks electronically or scanning documents into email content.
The Federal circuit, even after review requested by the Supreme Court, has stuck to a decision that a patent claimed by Ultramerical, which shows an online user the contents of an ad without actually linking to it, after it chased Wild Tangent.  It would sound off hand that this case could be very important to the whole Internet ad-based “free entry” business, just as the “do not track” issue is.

Timothy B. Lee has a story in the Washington Post WonkBlog, today, link here

Could this important matter wind up before the Supreme Court next term?  Hope so.  It seems like an invitation to patent trolls.   

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