Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There are no "lost dogs" or "stray cats" these days -- at least when "on the road"

I dropped by the “Lost Dog” coffee store in Shepherdstown, WVa Sunday afternoon, and it seems as though the conflict with an Arlington VA restaurant chain reported here July 28 has been “forgotten”.  So why do I check up on it? 

Suffice it to say, the pink cookies are good, and there is a little museum of art and new-age knickknacks there, too.

I had been in the area to look at a model railroad in nearby Sharpbsurg, MD.
There are lots of businesses everywhere with the same name.  In Minneapolis, from 19987-2003, I lived in a conspicuous downtown highrise called the Churchill Apartments.  It was, I believe, the only major apartment building on the Skyway.  The other day, here in Arlington, I saw a truck for “Churchill Relocation Specialists”.  On the truck there was painted a corporate apartment that looked just like mine in the Churchill.  It brought back memories.  It’s a small world.    
Update: Dec 22. 2014

Last week, I drove by a "Laughing Dog Cafe" on Main Street in Harrisonburg, VA.  It's on the right (pun) in this photo, not sure it shows up well.

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