Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Domain owners should pay attention to international trademark issues

I haven’t discussed international trademarks here, but it’s clear that with the domain name system for the Web that is in effect, there is a potential for conflicts.
The Wikipedia article on trademarks does have a discussion of how to obtain trademarks in multiple countries, even though there is no way to get a trademark to be effective everywhere in the world with one registration.
One of the best systems is called the “Madrid System”.  The European Union (including Britain) has a Community Trade Mark System to be active throughout member countries.  It’s easier for a resident  of one of these countries to apply than from outside the EU.
But there are companies on the web that purport to process trademark applications for as many countries as possible.

Visitors will want to look at the work of the International Trademark Association, link

It’s likely that this area will become more contentious. American innovators would probably have eve more difficult getting and enforcing marks in non-western countries. 

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