Monday, November 05, 2012

Another restaurant on the pet-name theme (Bethesda MD)

I’ve found another bar-restaurant named after a pet, maybe inviting trademark controversy later.  This time, it’s the Barking Dog, a small sports bar in Bethesda MD, between the Metro Station and the Landmark Theater.  There’s even a water saucer outside.  Inside, there is a 19th Century poster ad from the DC Fire Department for “able bodied men” to become firefughters.

Some of the menu items (many of them hot dog dishes) were based on other permutations of pet names.  I ate a burger called the “Smart Dog” as I remember.  My father used to refer to “human dogs”.

Regarding Landmark, there is actually a Landmark Mall (shopping) on  I-395 in northern Virginia, on the border of Alexandria.

I don’t think businesses should try to claim trademarks on pet nicknames.  

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