Monday, October 29, 2012

Trademark controversy over Frank Kameny's "Gay Is Good"

The estate of the late Frank Kameny is claiming that Frank’s “Gay Is Good” slogan has trademark protection, and the estate sent a cease-and-desist letter concerning the use of the phrase in the name of an LGBT website launched recently by Christopher Dyer.   The full name was “Gay is good, make LGBT great”.  But apparently the total name applied just to the name of a Facebook page (link) .

The Facebook page was set up for expressive, and non-commercial purposes (although Facebook probably can make advertising revenue from it). 
The Washington Blade story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr. is here

Christopher Dyer has his own account of the matter, for “National Coming Out Day” here

The “Make It Better” project video is here. 

The USPTO has the trademark registered as serial 85676494

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