Saturday, August 11, 2012

Upcoming domain name renewal for "doaskdotell"

I got a mailing for the renewal of my domain name “” from a company called “Domain Registry of America”, in late July.

The domain is registered with Network Solutions (it was done so in 1999) and runs through Dec. 2, 2012.  I just verified that on WHOIS.  The actual domain is hosted on Verio.  The domain was registered in an era when fewer companies could register names.

The mail offer included deals for more years.

I would expect the same deals from Network Solutions and will call them soon. Renewal is still more than 90 days away.
It is true that it is not a good idea to let domain name renewal slip until the last minute, because domain names have been “stolen” before.   

Update: Aug. 16

I did renew "" for nine years (until 2021, when I would be 78) with Network Solutions tonight, for a little over $300.

Network Solutions has various account numbers for one customer in a complicated system.  One of the accounts was linked to "" which has been allowed to expire.  That was the long name of "", under which I published my 1997 book "Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back". I stopped using om August 2005 and moved everything to, which I believe is stronger.

By the way, I have randomly seen use my "doaskdotell" mark and my last name (both) in delivering to me contextual ads.  So this idea of a domain name as a brand name and even a person's name as a brand is real in a business sense.

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