Sunday, April 22, 2012

Software patents create a problem of scalability

There’s a debate going on about software patents.  An “ars technical” paper by Timothy B. Lee and Christina Mulligan states the dilemma. The article (March 2012) is titled “The trouble with software patents: they don’t scale”, link here

The paper is critical of the attitude of Nathan Myhrvold, “Microsoft veteran”, about intentional patent infringement.  The problem, says Lee, is that there’s no economically (or scalable, mathematically speaking) viable way who owns the (often java) code (class and methods) that accomplish something specific on the Internet (or, now, in the mobile universe), like suppressing popups.

Business Week has an older (July 2006)  detailed article about Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures and the prospect that it can become a “patent troll”, link here

Christina Mulligan has a summary of the Ars article on the Washington Post’s brainstorming page in the Outlook Section today, April 22, 2012, here

Justin Frankel talks about the problem with software patents on YouTube here.

He says most patent defenders are “IT holding companies”.  His site on Big Think (requires up-to-date Shockwave) is here

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