Monday, December 05, 2011

Kellogg's uses same brand for more than one cereal -- look at your Special K

Did I see this right?  Kellogg’s Special K has two different cereals, the “original” is much more bubbly, almost like the original Rice Krispies of the Howdy Doody show of the 50s.  

That’s what I noticed this morning.

If a company uses the same mark for two different products, doesn’t it “dilute” its own mark?  Yes, it has a right to, but ….

One of the worst cereal TV ads in the 50s was for something called “Alphabits”, a sugar-coated, pastel-colored cereal whose advertising was based on showing little kids misspelling words, exploiting the viewer’s “nicer weakness”.

Yes, some uses of trademark are “legal” but culturally offensive.

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