Saturday, April 09, 2011

Charlie Sheen moves to trademark many of his "catch phrases", stirring debate on "common words" as trademarks

Bad-boy comedy TV actor Charlie Sheen is going to trademark at least 22 of his “catch phrases” , according to media stories, such AP’s Anthony McCartney (reported by WPTV) link here

There could be real issues if he moves to trademark common idioms and words.   I found a list of the catchprhases at a site called “IPBrief” (website url) here and they include the word “winning”.  Can you really trademark "I am not bi-polar"? 

Others have joined in the fray, with attempts to trademark phrases involving various uses the word “winning”, as in this Hollywood Reporter story

It’s not certain that the USPTO will approve all of these marks (even with the government not shut down!)  Usually approved marks appear at the USPTO website in about 90 days. 

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