Monday, October 12, 2009

Craigslist sues a few companies for spam ad generation, claiming trademark infringement

The New York Times, in the Business Section on p B4, reports today (in its “Bits Blog”) that Craiglist has followed the example set a few years back by AOL in suing spammers. The story is here. Craigslist is suing a few companies and individuals (at least one of whom is “anonymous”) for spam-loading ads on its site, claiming trademark infringement as well as copyright infringement and the violation of the DMCA.

The legal action this time seems to get some sympathy; it’s not part of the “copyright wars”.

One of the defendants is Red Trumpet, which runs “Craigsup”. When I tried to access the site, Webroot Spysweeper gave me a warning and did not let me access all of the site.

Craigslist has drawn amusing “criticism” for its use of older technology, and has legal battles on its plate due to adult services, which may have been implicated in a recent tragedy in Boston.

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