Thursday, June 18, 2009

EFF "Patent Busting" goes after subdomain assignment "invention"

Electronic Frontier Foundation has countered what appears to be an abuse of the patent concept, with U.S. Patent No. 6,687,746, now held by Hoshiko, LLC, which invented a method for automatically assigning subdomain names, like “billboushkatd” as a subdomain of blogspot. The technique had become particularly important on some social networking sites, such as LiveJournal. But the technique had been long known in early days of the Usenet. EFF (in what it calls its Patent Busting Project) maintains that the holder Ideaflood tries to use open source material from the public domain to monopolize a certain market of innovation. EFF says that the Internet Archive (sometimes a “reputation” buster these days) was useful in researching the case.

The story title is “EFF Busts Bogus Internet Subdomain Patent: Patent Busting Project Wins Another Victory for Developers and Innovators”; link is here.

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