Friday, May 01, 2009

"Android Data" goes after many companies for infringing on its brand: a bizarre "Star Trek" story

Erich Specht has sued a large number of companies over prospective trademark dilution or infringement for the brand “Android” related to his trademark for “Android Data” which he says was set up “to communicate the seamless, almost robotic-like, bi-directional communication of data between a client and a data center in a remote location,” in 2000. The USPTO granted the mark in 2002. It would appear that the changes in the 2006 law (regarding prospective dilution) could matter.

The complete list of companies is in a story by Mike MaGee in TGDaily, here. The registration number is 2639556 and reads “G & S: Computer e-commerce software to allow users to perform electronic business transactions via a global computer network.” The USPTO record also says “no claim is made for the exclusive right to use “data” apart from the mark as shown.”

Forbes has a story here and maintains that Specht might have lost his claim because of “inactivity.”

I could not find a website for “Android Data” but I did find an “android phones blog” with an entry about this matter here.

This all sounds like something out of a History Channel episode about UFO’s and grays. It’s a bizarre case. I guess I won’t use “android” for a domain name right now.

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