Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"History" has two different major websites (with .com, .org), no problem

Here’s a good example of a common word as a domain name used by two different entities for equally legitimate purposes. refers to the History Channel (its official registered workmark is "History made every day!"), a well known cable and satellite television channel owned by A&E, Hearst, and Disney. The channel offers historical documentaries about controversial or snazzy topics, such as the JFK assassination, religious cults, early technology, early warfare, and even UFOs, as well as a new cosmology and astronomy series “The Universe.” A values series has been “Mega Disasters,” about 20 or so episodes over two seasons that outline natural (and some manmade) calamities that could challenge civilization as we know it. refers to Colonial Williamsburg, “The future may learn from the past”, the official site of the private organization that maintains the restored colonial city of Williamsburg, VA, critical to the American Revolution, about 50 miles SE of Richmond VA. And important recent addition is “Revolutionary City”, an outdoor drama that runs except during the winter months. The site also offers gifts, books, videos and DVDs about life in colonial Williamsburg and during the American Revolution, some of which are not commercially available anywhere else.

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