Saturday, October 25, 2008

U.S. Attorney tries to revoke trademark of motorcycle group

A United States attorney has said that the government will take control of a biker gang’s trademarked name, while filing an indictment against members of a gang called the Mongols. The attorney said he would seek a restraining order preventing the gang from using or wearing its symbol.

Indeed the USPTO database for registrant number 76532713 filed in 2003 says that the mark is for G & D: Association Services, “promoting the interest of persons interested in the recreation of riding motorcycles,” and classifies it as a “typed drawing.”

The Los Angeles Times story by Scott Glover, Oct. 22, 2008, is titled “Raid targets Mongols motorcycle gang” with link here. Electronic Frontier Foundation provided a link to it on its “deep links blog” list.

The case calls to mind the motorcycles movies from the 60s and 70s, especially those from American International Pictures (like “Born Losers”).

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