Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fantasy real estate properties; baseball

Sam Diaz has a story in the Thursday Aug. 9 2007 The Washington Post, Business, D1 print, “’Real Estate’ Sale: Fantasy Properties Get You Actual Money on the Web”,(story link) about Weblo, that offers online virtual replicas of real properties that can be traded like Monopoly properties. People can use the replicas on their own websites to generate business or ad revenue, or sometimes to stimulate sales of a real product in the real world.

At the Digital Media Conference in Silver Spring in June, I recall hearing about a similar capability in Second Life.

So far, copyright claims seem infrequently made, but can be by the original holder. It would seem that trademark claims could be made if the property were a brand name.

Monopoly, of course, provides a good example of trademark in practice, as there are hundreds of licensed variations of the game for various cities and hobby interests.

Another example of this kind of thing sounds like fantasy baseball. But MLB has really made its real world trademark stick, with incredible details and video and online progress available for every game available online.

But “Baseball reference”, a separate site, seems like a complete historical reference, with box scores back to 1957. A typical reference might be a the Washington Senators 1959 schedule, complete with 18 game losing streak in August, here: or a typical box score
Or try this bottom-of-the-ninth meltdown for the "new Senators" in 1961: here. Look at old Griffith Stadium here.